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Carbon Fiber Break Down Rod Holder Shade Pole



*Boat Friendly.  Blackstick® is a very flexible pole that provides self tension of the shade with a small  working  load (14 to 20 lbs).  The spring action in the stick is constantly exerting a force to pull back the shade but will flex inward to absorb external forces such as increase in boat speed or wind gust. The  give and take result is less stress at the rod holders.  The traditional stainless, aluminum and  carbon fiber prepreg roll wrapped shade struts are stiff and a greater load is transfer to the rod holder.

*Boat Friendly.  Rod Holders are the receiving point for  Blackstick® . The  rod  holder's 9 inch tube that extends below the gunnel provides a strong support for the stick and reduces the stress at the load bearing point on the deck by transferring the load downward along the tube. This is kinder to the structural integrity around the rod holder.

*Boat Friendly. Carbon fiber dry braid sleeve provides an evenly distributed load through out the stick due to the braid structure is continuous and mechanically locked in the weave. This combination makes a strong, high torsional strength,  fatigue resistance,  improved interlaminar shear pole.

*User Friendly.  Sticks are custom size for each shade for a perfect fit and breakdown. A second snap hook can be added to line to lower the shade. They are not  telescopic.  No guessing at the height adjustment for the sticks, no maintenance at the tube clamp (throw latch) due to occasional slippage and  binding of the tubes due to salt deposits, dirt and grit. 

*User Friendly.  The sticks are 1" with a 11/4" bushing at the rod holder end,  light weight and small in size for easy stowage.  Shade and sticks fit  in one bag.

*User Friendly.  Clamcleat® and micro swivel block for easy set up from cockpit.

* Boat  speed. Stern shade you can run 20 to 30 knots. Bow shade trolling speed. 15 knots

*No tooling performed on the Clamcleat® or  micro  swivel block.  Tooling can add stress fractures.

​*No dissimilar metals touching carbon. Corrosion is an issue when stainless or aluminum interacts with carbon in a salt water environment.

*No tag line. The flex action of the stick under a load prevents the bell and stick from moving. So, no deck hardware.

*Rod holders. Sticks can be used in small to large I.D. rod holders . A  12"  bushing is used at the rod holder end.

​*Wall thickness. 099  inch for normal shade and a  thick wall  .1221 on bottom half of sticks for super big shade jobs.

* Fabric. Serge Ferrari Soltis 86 is a 14%  micro-ventilated mesh that blocks up to 88% of the solar heat  while maintaining air flow and prevents pooling of water. The patent  Precontraint technology provides  excellent dimensional stability preventing over stretching and tearing of fabric over time. Soltis 86 is UV, mold resistance and easy to clean.

​* Sticks manufactured in the USA.

1"Blackstick Carbon Fiber Each

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